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Webinar: enterprise monitoring solution

25. februar 2021 kl 15:00 - 16:00

Common Europe inviterer til gratis webinar med tema «Boost your existing enterprise monitoring solution with hundreds of IBM i checks!». Som medlem i Common Norge er du velkommen til å delta. Les mer og meld deg på her.

You are already using – or want to use – an enterprise monitoring solution?

Your existing IBM i controls (or the one you developed) do not completely satisfy you?

Why not take a look at the ‘Control for i’ plugin?

Control for i’ is a product developed by IBM i people for IBM i people but it also helps to reconcile with the team managing the company’s monitoring solution!

In this webinar you’ll see how it’s possible to easily BOOST your existing enterprise monitoring solution with ‘Control for i’.

You’ll discover:

  • how setting up the checks is particularly easy for IBM i people. No development required!!! (only IBM i commands with their parameters);
  • how simple it is to activate the Control for i plugin into your favourite monitoring tool (to simply copy the commands)
  • how to continue to organise the checks in the monitoring tool with the monitoring team.

With ‘Control for i’ you can:

  • implement 130+ probes/checks to control EVERYTHING running on IBM I;
  • upload alerts in your existing monitoring tool;
  • automate reply to messages in MSGQ;
  • easily integrate self-developed controls or develop new probes.

Hundreds of partitions are monitored with the help of ‘Control for i’…. Existing customers appreciate:

  • accuracy and relevance of alert messages
  • low resource consumption on the IBM i
  • ease of installation and use
  • price!

And… they are happy that IBM i is better monitored than other OS!



25. februar 2021
15:00 - 16:00


Common Norge