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Webinar: Common Europe IBM i

3. juni 2021 kl 15:00 - 17:00

Common Europe inviterer til webinar med temaene IBM i 24X365 og ACS and IBM i Services: A Perfect Partnership. Arrangementet er gratis for medlemmer av Common Norge, men krever påmelding.

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Beskrivelse av foredragene på engelsk:

IBM i on IBM Power Systems, the best IT platform for business solutions, evolves at quantum speed. The latest announcements of IBM i 7.4 TR4 and IBM i 7.3 TR10 focused on hybrid cloud, security, high availability, disaster recovery, and enhancements for developers.

In this second session of the series, on June 3, IBM i team from Rochester will focus on the exciting new features of IBM i 24 X 365 Availability and the Perfect Partnership of Access Client Solutions (ACS) and IBM i Services.

(In the first session on May 10, Steve Will, Dan Sundt, Scott Forstie and Dough Mack shared details about the latest innovations of IBM i and the new features of Db2 for i).

IBM i 24X365 – 15:10-16:00 CEST (13:10-14:00 GMT)

In this session, Product Manager, Steve Finnes, will do a short overview including the value proposition of the key IBM i HA/DR solutions (BRMS, PowerHA and Db2 Mirror). Steve will include the most recent enhancements to all 3 products.

ACS and IBM i Services: a Perfect Partnership – 16:10-17:00 CEST (14:10-15:00 GMT)

In this session Scott and Tim (another fine partnership) will delve into some best practices for ACS, demoing some amazing usage of IBM i Services. As you undoubtedly know, IBM i services are for everyone to use. If you know nothing about SQL, that’s great! If you are an SQL expert, that’s also great! No matter your level of knowledge, this session is for you! SQL is the strategic direction for the future. It needs to be the first thing that comes to you mind. This session will provide many great examples to help you get on the way.




3. juni 2021
15:00 - 17:00


Common Norge