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Cloud – a viable option for IBM i applications?

22. april 2021 kl 11:00 - 12:00

Common Europe inviterer til gratis webinar der tema er IBM i-applikasjoner i skyen. Foredragsholdere er Ash Giddings og Donnie MacColl fra HelpSystems.  Les mer og meld deg på her.

The capability of running IBM i in the cloud has been around for a while, but is it limited to development, test and disaster recovery use cases, or do production and high availability workloads fit in as well? Moving applications to the cloud requires planning. If done right, it enables you to offer a better user experience, scale with flexibility, and manage costs. Making the move also provides you with the opportunity to innovate and modernize faster than before, and with the right cloud platform you won’t need to re-engineer the tried and
tested underlying architecture that has contributed to the impressive availability often associated with IBM I running on Power Systems. Planning your cloud adoption isn’t something that should be undertaken lightly.

Join experienced cloud experts Ash Giddings and Donnie MacColl from HelpSystems, as they discuss and dissect cloud topics to help you answer questions like these:

•             Why would I move my IBM i to the cloud?
•             How do I identify workloads best suited for cloud?
•             How easy is it to migrate to the cloud?
•             Data security risks and how to avoid them
•             Licensing considerations


22. april 2021
11:00 - 12:00


Common Norge