IBM i applikasjoner

Her vil vi fortløpende legge ut en oversikt over leverandører og applikasjoner som kjører på IBM i OS.

Abako PORTAL software   Abako is an expert in browser-based solutions. We are engaged in long-term partnerships with our customers. we implement Internet, intranet and extranet solutions using Stato PORTAL software,
Acubiz Acubis Expense Management Solution (EMS) Distribution, Travel and Transportation Management system for cost control for i.e petrol, representation and meals.
AS Computanse1 STAS Communications-Telecommunications Tele and administrative system. STAS400 is a Call center solution that deals with orderings on telephone, internet, WAP and interactive television and are distributing these to the nearest deliverence point.
AS Computanse2 ASSET
ASSET Restaurant
ASSET Faghandel
ASSET Bakeri / Cafe ASSET
ASSET Restaurant
ASSET Faghandel
ASSET Bakeri / Cafe ASSET
ASSET Restaurant
ASSET Faghandel
ASSET Bakeri / Cafe ASSET
ASSET Restaurant
ASSET Faghandel
ASSET Bakeri / Cafe ASSET
ASSET Restaurant
ASSET Faghandel
ASSET Bakeri / Cafe ASSET
ASSET Restaurant
ASSET Faghandel
ASSET Bakeri / Cafe
  ASSET is a Point of Sales system (POS) developed in Java and runs in IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS).
Autonik WWLab
Healthcare Healthcase application for microbiology laboratories.
Carecom   Healthcare HealthTerm Master Data Management tool is a terminology server, toolbox and distribution engine in ONE
Comactivity Comflow SMB-Manufacturing Enterprise Value Portal, developing towards full ERP solution
Conmel Data1 ATEX Transport ATEX is Sweden’s best-selling computer systems for line brokerage.
Conmel Data2 Flax   FLUKE computer system for flight agents and freight forwarders.
Conmel Data3 Rulle   forwarding system for road traffic, covering both foreign, domestic and container traffic.
Conmel Data4 Term   software system for the terminals and warehousing facilities.
Conmel Data5 Forward   FORWARD contains all the modules needed to administer in a normal forwarding company. We have developed the program in collaboration with Swedish and American shippers. FORWARD is used worldwide and is installed at America’s second largest NVOCC
Cross Key Solutions1 Cross Key Banking Finance ERP application for banking
Cross Key Solutions2 Cross Key Banking Finance ERP application for banking
Cross Key Solutions3 Cross Key Banking Finance ERP application for banking
D3 Data Record Distribution-Travel/transport RECORD is a total integrated and complete business . application for Travel Agencies and for Tour Operators.
Datamann A/S Auto Retail, Modules for Sales, Administration, Logistics, accounting and Offices functions.
Dataprodukt Flexifamilien Retail Flexi is a ERP system for car resellers. Flexi Family is a proprietary range of applications ranging from complete software for car dealers and accountants to less integration links to various external applications.
Dataservice AS Kompak Public sector-Government-state Accounting, Facturing, budget, Salary, Social system for the Community sector.
DigitalRoute MediationZone   ERP
Direkt Konsult PAJP SMB-cross Personnel planing system for schedule labour scheme.
e-Builder Ebuilder procurement
Ebuilder Travel and Expense ManagementEbuilder procurement
Ebuilder Travel and Expense ManagementEbuilder procurement
Ebuilder Travel and Expense ManagementEbuilder procurement
Ebuilder Travel and Expense ManagementEbuilder procurement
Ebuilder Travel and Expense Management
Cross BI solution
EG A/S ASPECT4 SMB-Manufacturing, Industrial, ERP solution sale, production, distribution, and administration.
Ehrhardt and Partner WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT Cross Warehousing Management Software
Escenic Escenic Content Engine
Escenic Content Studio
Escenic CloudEscenic Content Engine
Escenic Content Studio
Escenic CloudEscenic Content Engine
Escenic Content Studio
Escenic CloudEscenic Content Engine
Escenic Content Studio
Escenic CloudEscenic Content Engine
Escenic Content Studio
Escenic Cloud
Media Content management solutions
Evry Trygg/2000 SMB-Manufacturing ERP for Construction, iron, and paint trade businesses.
FordonsData Nordic AB SCM Solution
Framework iSmart Service Companies Service Contracts Subscriber Administration, HR, Call centre, billing, stocks and purchasing
Futura Data1 Futura Træ SMB-Manufacturing Solution for the wood and construction market.
Futura Data2 Lansa
Futura Data3 Futura Handel
Futura Data4 Astra Distribution-Retail Controls Administrative and financial activities for tradecompanies.
GEAC Computer Corporation System21 Industrial, Financial ERP: Manufacturing , Financials and Procurement , Customer Service and Logistics
GP Data A/S GP400 SMB-Cross GP/400 consists of 11 integrated modules that combine into several branch-solutions.
Hansaworld Hansa World SMB-Cross Financial ERP solution. Targetting the SMB marketspace. Delivered on Pase and Linux. CRM and resource planning functions. Galaxy eligible
IDHammer IDHammar OEE Industrial-Other industrial Industries Overall Equipment Effectiveness best practice to manufacturing processes, the Idhammar OEE System provides a range of specialist tools from Data Capture to Analysis & Reporting, to dedicated Improvement Agendas.
INFOR1 M3 Industrial-other industrial industries m³ is a fully integrated suite of applications, each competitive in its own right, which can be implemented individually or as a whole. Galaxy eligible.
INFOR2 BPCS Manufacturing BPCS is a comprehensive set of integrated client/server applications that address the coresystem needs of industrial sector enterprises on a global scale.
INFOR3 PRMS Consumer-Manufacturing Supports busprocesses such as flow, agile and lean manufacturing, the theory of constraints,
INFOR4 Infinium FMS   Built on the rock-solid reliability of System i, Infor Infinium FMS gives you a proven and reliable financial solution
INFOR5 Infinium HCM   human capital management processes from payroll to human resources to benefits management.
INFOR6 Asset Management Manufacturing Solution to manage mobile equipment, machinery, tranports and vehicle fleets.
INFOR7 Baan Manufacturing ERP solution to deliver real time performance, reduce costs and improve service.
INFOR8 INFOR XL Manufacturing ERP solution – Upgrade from BPCS – process manufacturing system that covers various manufacturing methods, including made to stock, made to order, configure to order, assemble to order, batch, repetitive, flow, and Lean manufacturing.
INFOSUITE Infosuite Business Intelligence SMB-Cross Solution for extracts, presentations and analyses of a company’s critical key ratios.
INPORT 1 PortIT Distribution-Travel/Transport Terminal logistics system for the shipping business.
Itello Inca Banking/Finance specialist within pension, insurance, and fund administration
IT-Marketing Fast way ticket Distribution-Travel and Transportation Ticket orderings system for Hotels and traveling business,
Innovasion   Public    
iZone Rebelix Portal Cross Internet/Intranet Portal based on Lotus Notes/Domino R5 infrastructure. 100% browser based.
JDA Software group JDA Portfolio Merchandise Management Electronics ERO, CRM solutions package .
Jeeves/Logit1 Jeeves ERP Software Cross Industry ERP solution with modules for salarysystem, financials, statistics and it’s own database.
Jeeves/Logit2 GARP ERP Software Retail ERP designed in providing complete support for the entire manufacturing and wholesale operation from quote to cash.
Kompetensor Bison Manufacturing-SMB ERP application for SMB companies.
KTP Data Webbolig Property Administration Complete solution including internet integration for propertyadministration.
Maria DB Database, High availability Cross Opencourse distribution of the Maria DB.
Metatech Metabank Financial Services-Banking Account control, all other modules to run business for banks.
Molgaard Data MPS / 400 Industrial-other industrial industries Complementary to Aspect/4 for iron, metal and forest industry.
Multi Support Multi Support Next SMB-Cross Archiving – iSeries reports, PC documents, fax, E-mail, scanned images, digital photos etc.
Netorek     Software development, Consulting, and Hosting and Maintenance
Nice Nice4Net Financial services-Financial Markets Insurance software. For:customer, insurance and administration of damages.
Oestergaard data Book 400 Distribution-Wholesale and Services Complete solution for managing summer holiday cottages .
Opus Capita Opus Capita Financial Services-Banking To use a foreign bank almost as if you were using a domestic one.
Oracle JD5 SMB-Cross Integrated ERP including SCM&CRM.
Panther IAS (IP Mediation System) Internet providers Solution that handles logging of IP data.
Profit Software 1 ProfitLife & Pension Finance ERP solution for L&P insurers that we have developed based on our 20 years of dedicated experience in the insurance business and insurance business IT.
Profit Software 2 Profit Property & Casualty Finance The Profit Property&Casualty platform includes a suite of software modules for the management of private, commercial, personal and vehicle insurance lines
Reklamedata Reklamedata Media Financial and recourse planning for companies within the media sector.
SAP SAP Business One Industrial Business-application software for accounting, human resources, payroll, and purchasing.
Sigma (cypoint) Content Management Cross Content Management Solutions, Web content, ECM.
Solid Services AS (ID Scandinavia as) Infofiler Industrial-Other industrial industries Info Files you can synchronise the information between Lotus Notes databases and applications via standard SMTP e-mail traffic. This means that you can increase the life-span of your investments in satellite equipment and applications.
Solteq1 Merx SMB-Wholesale Distribution Sales and material management for the field of sales.
Solteq2 eCar Industrial-Other Industrial Industries Cardealers system with fully controlled car selling workflow .
SuperOffice SuperOffice Sales&Marketing Cross CRM solution for SMB sector with a big number of different modules and capabilities.
Symphony Technology Group (IBS) 1 IBS Business Suite Distribution-Retail business system for distribution and supply chain management
Symphony Technology Group (IBS) 2 IBS Enterprise Distribution-retail Resource Enterprise managemnet software solutions
Symphony Technology Group (IBS) 3 IBS Media Publishing end-to-end web enablement products engineered to integrate the critical functions of web-order-to-cash and digital and traditional delivery within the framework of your business.  – See more at:
Symphony Technology Group (IBS) 4 IBS S&OP Cross Sales and operations planning
Symphony Technology Group (IBS) 5 IBS Bookmaster Publishing IBS Bookmaster is a publishing-specific integrated Enterprise Management business software solution designed specifically for the needs of publishers and book distributors with both print and digital businesses. It is comprised of a robust core distribution, financial and Supply Chain Management (SCM) system with highly functional integration to web-based financial transaction and business management processes.  
Symphony Technology Group (IBS) 6 IBS Cloud ERP Solutions      
Symphony Technology Group (IBS) 7 IBS Dynaman SMB-Pharmacecutials Warehouse management system
Syncron Global Inventory Management
Global Price Management
Global Order Management
Master Data Management
Manufacturing, distribution. SCM solution for collaboration
Systeemiratkaisu1 EYE / Taloushallinto Financial Services-Financial Markets Range of accounting . applications
Systeemiratkaisu2 Web-sovellus kehitys (Web Application Development) Distribution-Retail A solution for the handling of warehouse orders and queries.
Systeemiratkaisu3 ASP SMB-Cross ASP is a service refers to the application and / or hardware resources for the hiring of customers. We are responsible for hardware, software, maintenance, and security. You can focus on their core business without significant investments in the information technology competencies. Websphere developed solution
Systema Sysped Distribution-Travel/Transport Produces transport documents, calculate transport invoices,and EDI-connections.
TietoEnator1 Tieto Card Suite Financial Services-Banking A payment solution for acquisition and ongoing transaction processing of a credit card portfolio.
TietoEnator2 Bankosoftware Financial Services-Banking Bankosoftware is the solution that helps Handelsbanken with all customer service.
Ubiquitech Global Print Solution
Public Print Solution
Cross Ubiquitech Print Managmenet Solution
Vizrt   Media & Entertainment Vizrt provides real-time 3D graphics, sports analysis and asset management tools for the broadcast industry – interactive and virtual solutions, animations, maps, weather, video editing and compositing tools.
Zirius Zirius ERP Cross ERP Integrated ERP with SCM, Salary and other modules.
  PRO Ship Distribution-Travel/Transport Contracts, booking of cargo, containers,