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Webinar: Optimize your «shift left» on IBM i

14. mai kl 18:00 - 19:00

Arcade Software inviterer til webinar med tema: Continuous Test, Quality & Security for source code on IBM i. Les mer og registrer deg her.

IBM i has built its outstanding reputation on industry-leading reliability & security. However, over the years as IBM i applications are maintained and modernized, source code can become brittle and new defects and security risks can undermine the most stable of systems.

To prevent an escalation of “technical debt“, it is vital to automate both static and dynamic checks as an integral part of your DevSecOps cycle. By detecting issues early, right when they are introduced, we reduce their risk and cost.

In our Webinar we will demonstrate a full CI/CT/CD flow using automated, integrated solutions to :

  • Continuously check your IBM i source code against established quality rules
  • Isolate security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection risk or calls to unsafe APIs
  • Execute unit tests to catch elementary defects during development
  • Generate regression tests to isolate defects at the data level and pinpoint the code lines at fault


14. mai
18:00 - 19:00


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